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Helping you to tap into & earn from LinkedIn, post by post - without breaking the bank.



So, what exactly is social selling?


It's not about peddling old gym gear or pushing questionable schemes on social media.


Instead, social selling is the art of transforming your online connections, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, into loyal customers who fuel your business growth.

Now, let's. face it—you're busy. You don't have time to navigate the intricacies of social selling on your own.


That's where I come in.

As I embark on my own social-selling journey, learning from the best in the field, I'll share invaluable insights and strategies.

I can help you to:

  • Optimize and expand your LinkedIn profile.

  • Create compelling content and effective content strategies.

  • Grow your business while saving you time and money. 

Are you ready to see what LinkedIn can do for you - and your business? Let's talk.

Social Selling
Content Creation
Content Strategy



After 9 years of putting words together and bringing digital campaigns to life for a global tech giant, I was let go earlier this year.


I'm 57.

Rather than work for another corporation that puts shareholders before employees, I've decided to do something for myself and my family.

Inspired by experts like Justin Welsh, I’m embracing social selling on LinkedIn to build connections and drive growth.

I’ll share insights and strategies from my journey to help time-restricted small business owners unlock LinkedIn’s potential.

My Goals:

  • Quadruple my LinkedIn followers

  • Raise my Social Selling Index to 75+

  • Advise 10 small businesses

All before I turn 58 in December.

Join me in challenging ageism and carving new digital paths. Let's prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks and thrive as a solopreneur.

Damian Robinson, freelance copywriter and content writer

"An asset to any organization requiring customer-focused, engaging content.."




Connections and credibility are everything in business. With LinkedIn, you can cultivate both to grow your business - without breaking the bank. Ready to learn more? Let's connect.

Thanks for reaching out!

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